Atmos test files directly on your media player


Why am I being asked to subscribe before playing the audio files?
The subscription cost is very minimal to cover app development, maintenance and server hosting costs. The intent of the app is to help you get the best out of your atmos soundbar and have easy access to atmos audio test files. You can always cancel after purchasing monthly or annual subscription. The access to content will last till the end of subscription cycle.

Is my device compatible with Atmos content?
First you will need a TV that has HDMI ARC or HDMI eARC port. Getting Dolby Atmos audio also depend on the physical source device playing the content. For example the Amazon Fire TV Cube supports Dolby Atmos content, but older generation Fire TVs do not. Check with the manufacturer of your device to see if it supports Dolby Atmos.

I am sure my TV and media player is atmos compatible but still I am not able to hear spatial sound?
In most cases restarting (or unplug/replug) the media player device after app install will help.

Is the Atmonos App content tested on any soundbar?
Rest assured the app has been tested on one of the leading atmos soundbar before publishing.

Can I reach out to Atmonos Team for requesting any specific SFX sound that I would like to hear or to report any bug?
Yes. Our email id is atmonospro@gmail.com

Where can I find the app for download?
The app is currently available for Roku Tv and Fire Tv.

Can I listen to free content before purchasing the subscription?
We have free media available on Roku TV but not for Fire TV. We assure you that our content works fine on atmos compatible Fire TV device.